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What is HDPE?

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene which is an exceptionally durable plastic that has many uses including: kayaks, playground equipment, underground piping, etc. For outdoor use, it is vastly superior to wood. HDPE is made from recycled plastic.

Color of HDPE

The color in the poly lumber penetrates all the way through the material.

Weight of HDPE
The weight of poly lumber chair is similar to that of a hardwood chair averaging 40 to 50 Lbs. each. Even in strong winds, the adirondack chairs will not blow away.

Does it contain wood or natural fibers?
No natural wood fibers. HDPE is a thick, solid material.

Is it UV protected?
HDPE contains pigment enhancers that keeps colors from fading.

Can it be painted?
Painting is not necessary.

How do I clean HDPE?
Easiest way is with regular soap and water. Pressure washing is also a good method, although be careful not to get too close to the material.

What hardware is used?
Stainless steel hardware is used in all poly products to ensure lasting durability.

Is assembly required?
Some assembly is required. An electric drill is required. All chairs come mostly assembled and take less than 10 minutes to put together.

How does HDPE compare to wood?
HDPE does not rot, splinter, or need sanding. It is maintenance free!

What is the Life Span on Poly Material?
The life span of HDPE products is not weeks or years, but decades!

Where are our products manufactured?

Our products are made in the USA! Specifically, they are handmade in Monroe, Ga from our family owned business.  

What is our Return and Refund Policy?

What finish do fire pits come in?
A natural, patina finish that slowly darkens with time.

Is any assembly required for the fire pits?
No assembly required. They are ready to use right out of the box!

What is the lifespan of the fire pits?
The thick steel used will last many years depending on use and environment. Some bowls may take decades for rust to affect them.