Why fall nights are the best...

Why fall nights are the best... - Evergreen Patio

Why fall nights are the best. Here’s how to romanticize those nights.

Fall nights are unarguably the best. Who doesn’t love to sit in their front yard with a hot pumpkin spiced latte in hand, enjoying the soft chills of the weather and drenching themselves in everything nature has to offer?

It's a time when you feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy and savor with your friends and family. Don’t even let us get started on the variety of food items you can gorge on and the beautiful fall outfits you can try.

Here’s how you can make your autumn nights memorable in the coming days

1.    Fun fall night using a fire pit and marshmallows for s’mores.

Like fall, who doesn’t love some s’mores? S’mores with friends are even more exciting and fun. Light up a fire using an outdoor fire pit because the conventional method of gathering logs and lighting the fire can be a bit tedious and might kill your fun in between. Thread some marshmallows onto a wooden stick. Let it get that bit of a burnt charcoal flavor, smash it between two biscuits, and savor.

Ah, I am sure most of you have even felt that taste of fresh s’mores by reading this.

2.    Spread out the outdoor furniture and enjoy some warm fall special drinks.

Fall nights are an opportunity to enjoy time with your dear ones. Invest in some good outdoor furniture, lay them out in your backyard, and prepare some good warm fall-based drinks.

Our suggestion would be some hot chocolate, a warm pumpkin spiced latte, or some good old hot vanilla latte. Share those cups with your friends and family while seated comfortably in your luxurious outdoor furniture, savoring every moment of fun and laughter.

Trust us. You won’t even know how fast those hours pass.

3.    Go apple picking with your loved ones.

If you live in a region with apples everywhere, take a basket and go apple picking. You can decide upon a friendly neighborhood orchard and plan an outdoor picnic. It's fun picking up ripe apples and biting on them while they are fresh out of the farm.

Ask the farmer before you go rampage in their fields!

4.    Furnish your patio and have some outside dinner.

If you have a patio with a view, you are lucky. Set up your patio now by investing in good patio furniture and conducting dinner parties with friends or family. You can even set the mood by adding aesthetic lighting and music.

You can host mini-parties for your friends. Besides, it's easier to decorate your patio than you think. All you need is some good, minimalistic patio furniture that fits into the theme of your patio and surroundings. That’s it.

You could also set up your pit fire there if you have a convertible patio setup.

5.    Set up a tent somewhere near.

The climate is quite good when it's the fall season. It's neither too hot nor too cold. You can easily survive a day or two outside in small tents if you have the essentials packed.

Pick up your tent, pack your essentials, and set on for a camping trip with your friends or family. Oh, don’t forget the steel fire pits so that you don’t have to spend hours setting up a bonfire. At times the night can get chilly, and when you need some good and quick heat, a fire pit is the solution.

6.    Host a wine-and-cheese night.

Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? It's a classic and fall-famous combo. You can host an open wine and cheese tasting party with fancy charcuterie boards in your front yards or the patio you set up for fall.

If those locations aren’t an option, conduct it indoors. Again, you don’t need to have an extensive collection. If you want to taste a variety, ask your friends to bring a bottle so you all can explore different options and savor some acidic, salty cheeses. 

7.    Give your house a fall makeover.

We saved the most fun and therapeutic activity for the finale. Give your house the fall makeover it deserves.

Carve out some pumpkins, make a wreath of the fallen leaves, hang lights in your front yard, invest in some good outdoor furniture (yes, it's the season to enjoy your outdoors), and transform your house’s whole color theme. There’s nothing wrong with hoarding some candles that smell like pumpkin-spiced lattes from a nearby convenience store.

You can also give some major makeovers to your table decorations. Include more fall-based items on the tables. For example, you can make aesthetic and cute fall-based table ornaments. It could also be a fun activity with your kids.

Final Thoughts

The fall season marks the beginning of the upcoming celebrations. You can jump on the trend wagon, give your home a fall makeover, and enjoy the outdoors as much as you want.

Whether you are looking to invest in some good patio furniture or just planning to get a new pit fire, we have covered all your furniture needs. Have a fall makeover in mind? We have the answers!

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