Start to finish Poly Furniture at Evergreen Patio

Start to finish Poly Furniture at Evergreen Patio

The HDPE (high density polyethylene) used to make our poly furniture is built to withstand a range of climate conditions including hot sun, snowy winters, and coastal wind without splintering, cracking, chipping, peeling, or rotting.  It’s also easy to clean–a soft bristle brush, soap, and water will usually take care of it.  But how does HDPE lumber become Adirondack chairs, gliders, ottomans, and side tables?

First, all the pieces needed for assembly are cut out, either by machine or by hand.  Chairs have pieces cut in both ways, while ottomans and side tables are cut completely by hand.

Next, all the pieces are routed, so the edges are as smooth as possible.

Now the poly pieces are ready to begin the assembly process.  Backs and legs are assembled first, then the other pieces are added, all using stainless steel hardware that won’t rust.

After the item is complete, we put the ones for local pickup and delivery in our holding area, while those that will ship are partially disassembled (about 4 pieces for chairs and 2 for tables and ottomans) to be boxed.

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