Repeat customers are the best !

Repeat customers are the best !
One of the best parts about the job here is reconnecting with past customers. Jim was one of our original customers and actually came out to the farm in Monroe, GA back in the early days. See those chairs in the back of the picture around the fire pit? They are already 10 years old and still look brand new. Because of the quality and durability of our furniture, Jim came back to us a few weeks ago for more pieces to go around his pool on Hilton Head Island. Of course we were thrilled to acommodate him. As time goes on and the years pass, the longevity of poly lumber furniture continues to outshine almost all other products. We hope that if you are a past customer, that you will consider us again in the future when you have a need for outdoor furniture. We would love to reconnect with you, even if its been over 10 years!

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