More Than Just a Logo

More Than Just a Logo

Purpose. This all started years ago with a few pieces of wood and a shop. Creating EverGreen Patio brought forth some of the best and worst moments of my life. This place has facilitated growth in a way I could not imagine before, but something I dreamed of through the process. Set backs feel as they are daily achievements. There’s always a story, a deeper meaning behind the success. From the beginning people thought they knew we couldn’t make it far, “selling chairs Drew ?”, I could hear the facade of their support, but see the doubt within them. I never doubted my self, well atleast I always knew if I stayed to my purpose I would win, eventually. I needed freedom like it was the air I took breath from and I knew with success came the only true freedom a man could receive. Through the beginning I bled, not figuratively, for this brand, my child that I grew from morning till night, hand cutting, sawing, building, until I couldn’t feel my feet any more, until my hands were numb, and my body wasn’t with out bruises and cuts that cut deep. I guess the point I’m trying to make out of all this is that, through my journey, with my family, with my team, with our pure determination, perseverance, and will, we were able to take action with our purpose, we created something we love. Hard work was, is, the catalyst that propelled us, and my brand became not only a part of me, but everything to me. I can see the fruits of the tree I’ve grown but they are much too young to pick, we’ve come so far, but be-forth us still, we have a long way to go. If you have a dream don’t follow it but triumph and ascend above it. If you find work worth doing, do not waste a second figuring out if your worries will come to fruition, but imagine your goals coming to a visualization and see your life change before you. This little EverGreen Patio logo means everything to me and that’s why you all mean everything to me. Y’all support us, support me, the thing we built with few pieces of wood, a shop, and a belief that I could do something that was bigger than me. The work, the struggle, it all becomes worth it. Find joy in what you do, love what you do, and appreciate every moment of it❣️🌲.

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