Halloween in Cave Spring, GA

Halloween in Cave Spring, GA

More than 1000 trick or treaters descend upon Cave Spring during Halloween and our town really shines. A typical weekday evening, especially on a Tuesday, is normally pretty quiet. Its amazing to see the town swell to thousands of people with barely any parking left over in Rolater Park. 

The town has a rich history, with many historic buildings and homes from the 1800s that are still standing today. I couldn't help but admire the incredible homes and history on Alabama St. Many of them are over 150 years old with history dating back before the Civil War. Such care has been taken to preserve and protect these homes and businesses. I don't think my kids will quite appreciate that history until they grow up, move away and think back on their time going door to door collecting candy in such a special place as Cave Spring. 

While the kiddos ran all their energy out going door to door in town, our Evergreen Patio staff decided to make a night of it and invite family and friends to participate in a chili cookout and cornhole tournament. 

While Georgia weather can be moderate through October, Halloween night often tends to be chilly. A huge bonfire in our 48" steel fire pit out in the parking lot brought a lot of warmth to the kids as the passed by. After a minute or two of getting warmed up, we watched as they hurried to the next spot to get candy. 

Its hard to keep count of exactly how many trick or treaters came through our parking lot Tuesday night. It seemed they came in mobs and did not stop for three hours. I feel lucky that our shop is close enough to the community that we can be included in the candy route. 

A big benefit of having an outdoor event at a Patio store? There is always plenty of seating for everyone! A few hundred poly Adirondack chairs and gliders sure did the trick.

- Andrew Jones





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