Good Friday 2024

Good Friday 2024
It's been a year since we filmed our commercial featuring my father, "Pops".
We did not know that only a few months later he would be leaving us. I wish I knew he was dying. This picture is not a set, it was his woodshop. The tools, dust and beaver chewed log on the table were all there and we just set up a camera. My son, Landon, was 9 during this and loved spending time with his Pops to tell our story.
I often told Dad that I didn't deserve him, that he did too much for us. He would just smile and say "I am part of the team!"
On this Good Friday I find myself grateful. Grateful to the stangers in the future who will find a cure. That early cancer detection will be quicker and easier to treat. Finding gratitude in grief can be difficult, but thats why we have hope.

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