From START to FINISH - Evergreen Patio Fire Pits

From START to FINISH - Evergreen Patio Fire Pits

Imperfection isn’t necessarily a bad thing–and that’s definitely the case with our fire pits!  Cut from the ends of propane tanks that don’t quite pass inspection, the quality and durability of 3/16” and ¼” American-made steel can’t be beaten–and will last for decades.  Here are the steps our fire pits take to go from a plain bowl to a statement piece for any size yard.

The bowls arrive at our shop in large stacks, and because they’re stored outside at the facility where they’re cut from the tank, they often already have the beginnings of the natural patina process that gives them character as well as prevents rust through.

Once we’re ready to begin fabrication, we bring them into our welding shop, where legs, handles, and our signature star-shaped drain hole are added.  The legs have large washers welded onto the bottom to help level the fire pit and help prevent sinking into soft surfaces.  The drain hole serves a dual purpose of allowing water to drain out (though a snuffer lid will keep it from getting in–more on that later) as well as allowing air to circulate in order to keep the fire going even on our Hemisphere pits.

After an order is placed, our smaller fire pits (24”, 30”, and 30” hemisphere) are boxed to ship UPS, while anything 36” is palletized to ship freight.  We also offer local delivery within a (#) mile radius of our store.

Now back to the aforementioned snuffer lid–it’s one of several accessories we make in-house using steel from a local vendor, and like our fire pits, it comes from American sources.  The lids are made from 14-gauge steel and are used to keep water from getting inside our fire pits as well as perform the function for which they’re named–snuff out the fire at the end of the night.

If you’re interested in cooking on your fire pit, we have two models of grill grates that just need to be brushed with a little vegetable oil before they’re ready to use.  Our half-moon grill perches on the edge of half the fire pit (thus the name), while our rectangular grill grate goes over the middle of the pit and has small “feet” that keep it in place. 

A word of caution–as with any use of fire, cooking or not, it’s important to be careful, especially if children are around, in order to prevent injuries.  We also strongly advise against using our fire pits on a wood deck–and if you have any concerns about potential damage to any other surface, we suggest using pavers, a fireproof mat, or gravel underneath.  This will help protect your lawn, patio, or other surfaces from heat or ash damage–but good judgment may call for additional restrictions.  Our fire pits should also never be left unattended.

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