Fire in the parking lot

Fire in the parking lot


This morning we woke up to frozen pipes. Georgia is not supposed to get this cold! While we were a little cold in the warehouse, outside was a roaring pallet fire on a 48" heavy duty firepit! 

This cold weather can be a real drag, but standing next to a hot fire can sure get your spirits up quickly. We had a few funny looks from the busy road in front of the parking lot. It was probably people wanting to get out and come join us to get warm. 

This large firepit is used all over town to keep people warm. We scoop it up with the forklift (getting more weird looks) and bring it to festivals and community events. Our whole goal is to bring family and friends together to create moments in the outdoors. A fire is a draw for anyone. We hope you stay warm this winter and during these chilly temps ! Don't worry - warmer weather will be here soon! 


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