EverGreen Patio In a Nut Shell

EverGreen Patio In a Nut Shell
A young pecan tree can take more than twenty years to produce any yield. Created from just a seed a sapling sprouts, and year after year, reaches for just a ray of sun, and longs for a little water. Progress is slow, but even a little more than half a foot of growth is marked as a success of a year for a young pecan tree. Two-hundred years later the same pecan tree stands strong and the little sapling that was years ago, is now triumphed by a ten story tall, living tree marked with age and wisdom, and of course pecans. When EverGreen Patio was just a young sapling of a business, our chairs were made out the back of a small workshop in my mom and pop's backyard. Around this workshop were dozens of year upon year old pecan trees. When EverGreen Patio was finally able to grow tall enough to expand, we found this shop in Cave Spring, of course there were feelings of worry, stress, were we doing the right thing? We took a look around and saw these massive, old, but timely, pecan trees surrounding the shop. We knew we were at our new home, marked by the pecan trees, that was affirmation, this was meant to be. The pecan tree has always been special and almost sacred to us, not only does it remind us of our roots, but it exemplifies that through hard work even things that seem unobtainable can be secured. The pecan tree is symbolic of how we built us, this, Evergreen Patio, and the time we put into each and every Adirondack chair and heavy steel fire pit. We did not see success overnight, but chair by chair, fire pit by fire pit, leaf by leaf, we came closer to our goals. With humble beginnings but promising futures, much like a pecan tree we continue to focus on each one of our carefully, hand crafted chairs and hand built fire pits, forthcoming one-hundred years from now, us and the pecan trees alike will be inspiring examples of growth and resilience, representing years and decades of hard work. In this picture, to the left, is just one of the tens of pecan trees surrounding our shop, EverGreen Patio.

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