Don't buy a junky fire pit

Don't buy a junky fire pit

15 years ago when "Black Friday" was a thing and people turned into animals to get the latest toaster or whatever, I was in the market for a new fire pit. I was at a big box store with a small crowd of people surrounding a pallet of cheaply made backyard fire pits. The countdown started 5..4...3.. Of course people would not wait. They tore into that pallet like piranhas. I also found myself at the bottom of a greedy pile of humans, tugging at a box. After the initial 15 seconds of mayhem was over I saw who was on the other side of the box tugging against me. An older woman, probably a grandmother and this fire pit was going to be her big purchase of the night. "You can have it" I said. I let it go and looked down at the chaos of torn plastic and thought: "What in the heck am I doing?" Why would I be fighting over a piece of junk Chinese made fire pit that wont last but a year or two anyway? 

I was already building outdoor furniture for my full time gig. "I know I can build one 10 times better and will last forever", I told myself. It turns out, a LOT of people were also searching for a quality made fire pit at the same time. Since then, I have handcrafted and sold thousands of firepits. All made from 3/16" solid steel and wont rust through in a season or two of use. In fact the same one I made myself over a decade ago is still in my backyard and gets used almost nightly during the fall season in Georgia when the humidity actually lets you walk outside. Buy local, buy quality and you won't regret it! 


quality steel firepit


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