But wait there is more @ our Sister Store.

But wait there is more @ our Sister Store.

In my last post, I gave a rundown of some of the items our newly opened store, Evergreen on Broad, has to offer–but as infomercials often state, “Wait–there’s more.”  One of the great things about this location is that 90 percent of our square footage is filled with inventory–which has enabled us to display our products in unique ways.


The exterior wall of this section, located to the left of the register, is set up to look like an old-timey porch, complete with some of our poly rocking chairs, and the vintage theme continues as you move through the doorway to the kitchen area.  Inside you’ll find canisters, dish towels and glassware that look like they could’ve come from Grandma’s kitchen in the 1940s. We’ve also stocked a few of our jellies and baking mixes in this area, in case you feel inspired to make something tasty in your new wares.

Bed, Bath, and Laundry

Just beyond the kitchen area, you can find items for other areas of your home–including metal signs to display or hang on walls or on door frames.  If you need a container for laundry supplies, a new soap dispenser, or a pillow with interchangeable panels for different holidays and seasons, this is the place to find it.  We also have some general home items, like picture frames and vases, as well as bath and beard care products.

Outdoor Display

If you’re curious about the fire pits and poly furniture that started it all, the next room is for you.  Feel free to have a seat in one of our poly chairs, and test out the sturdiness of our heavy-duty fire pits.  While you can’t try those out in-store, we do have a monitor that shows them in action.

Collegiate Items

With college football season just around the corner, maybe you want to add some signs to your home, or a new tag to your vehicle.  Whether you shout “Go Dawgs!” or “Roll Tide!”, you’ll find something to support your favorite team.

Hopefully, this gives you a general idea of our inventory, which will change as new items are added.  We’ll also be incorporating some fun seasonal items in the coming months, so be on the lookout for those as well!

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